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Corporate Communications

  • Reputation Management - We shape your reputation through our solid ground-up approach, targeting key customers, and leverage your image as a true reflection of your corporate culture.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) - We define CSR strategies and identify opportunities that will add value to your reputation and your bottom line.
  • Crisis Management - We protect your corporate and institutional reputation internally and externally, in difficult times, such as product safety recalls, boycotts and national disasters.
  • Internal Communications - We work with you to unify employees around positive cultural attributes for changes that endure. And our efforts directly support your business goals.

Marketing Communications

  • Branding - We create value for your corporation by defining your organization\'s brand position, bring your voice to life, and deliver your messages to key audiences.
  • Direct Marketing - This is a type of advertising campaign that seeks to elicit an action (such as an order, a visit to a store or Web site, or a request for further information) from a selected group of consumers in response to a communication from the marketer. To receive this information we use a variety of formats including postal mail, telemarketing, direct e-mail marketing, and point-of-sale interactions.
  • Event Marketing - We will be your partner for events, incentives, exhibitions and all kind of meetings. By designing, organising and implementing your event, your targets will be reached and your budget is going to be optimized. Our experience will serve our customers on a top level.

Other Services

  • Media Relations - We will support your story with solid facts and research; Build and maintain relationships with key reporters and outlets; Package your story with the right mix of creativity, timeliness, authenticity and access to credible spokespeople.
  • Media monitoring, analysis and evaluations - A comprehensive range of print and online media sources are monitored. Highly-trained staff operate cutting-edge technology to search, assign, summarise, translate, order and deliver relevant media coverage according to client needs and deadline. Searches can accurately track key words, such as company names, brands, products, individuals etc, as well as more complex criteria, including topics, subjects, events and client-specific themes.
  • Design/Art Work - we will produce your company logo, different kind of leaflets and brochures, letterhead design, business cards, postcards, calendars, magazine design.
  • Website creation and maintenance - A web site should work for you. It should bring you customers and inform them. Our online publishing experience means we are perfectly placed to advise on and build your web site. Whether you need a fully-fledged online shop or a simple site providing information about your services, we can help to deliver business through the web.
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